Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada is a Canadian debt consolidation and credit counselling agency. The team at Consolidated have helped over a million people and they can help you too! Consolidated Credit knows how tough dealing with debt can be so they’re dedicated to helping people become debt free and financially independent. You can give them a call at 1(844)-453-9875 and visit their site and one of their trained credit counsellors will be happy to assist you.

Consolidated Credit’s debt relief programs offer people solutions to get their debt under control. The programs focus not only on consolidating debts but also on financial education so you’re able to not only pay off debt, but also stay out of it. Strategies include teaching basic, but vital concepts, such as how to budget, understanding credit, and how to manage money.

Debt solutions offered:

Consolidated Credit helps you choose the right option to conquer your debt.

1. Budgeting:

Counsellors at Consolidated Credit will help to review a detailed monthly budget, making recommendations on areas of obvious overspending or potential areas to save. Ideally counsellors will be able to help you find the surplus in your budget to keep up with monthly bills.

2. Debt Management Program:

A debt management program involves a counsellor acting as a mediator between you and your creditors and working to lower interest rates so more of what you pay goes towards lowering your balance, not just paying interest. A DMP involves combining multiple debts into a single monthly payment, which eases stress and makes payments easier.

3. Insolvency:

Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy should only be considered as a last option when you’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked. You are legally declared as unable to fulfill your financial obligations. Filing for insolvency stays on your credit report for 7 years and then your history is cleared, meaning you severely damage your credit and will essentially have to restart from scratch.

Ready to Start Credit Counselling?

Still confused about the debt relief solution suitable for you? Call Consolidated Credit at 1 (844)-453-9875 and a friendly voice will be on the other side to assess your situation. Here’s what our credit counselling sessions consist of:

1. The credit counsellor will analyze your debts. This allows the credit counsellor to understand your personal financial situation in order to give the best possible advice.

2. The credit counsellor will examine your budget. During this phase, the credit counsellor will ask you a variety of questions about your income and your expenses. This will help them get a better idea of your personal needs and cash flow.

3. The credit counsellor may pull your credit report (soft pull) to help establish your current credit profile. This is necessary so the credit counsellor can see the current status of your credit report. This credit check will not affect your credit rating.

4. The credit counsellor will go over your options for getting out of debt. You will be given an expert opinion on what path you should take to debt freedom.

5. If you select a debt management program, you can enroll immediately. If you qualify for a debt management program and decide that it is the best method for getting out of debt, the credit counsellor will guide you through the enrollment process. You will be told exactly how much your new monthly payment will be and how long it will take you to become debt free. If you still want to think about it, it is a voluntary program, you can wait and organize a time to speak with your counsellor another time.

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