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January 9, 2017 / / Credit Cards

I know it’s really hard to believe but I did earn over 20 Free Movie Tickets, it just from my Scene Reward points in the last 12 months. Do you know how I did this?  Just by using my none other than Scotia Scene Visa Credit Card.

Free movie tickets in Canada
Free movie tickets in Canada

I came to Canada in 2014 as an International Student and as you know, as a student, it was really hard to get a Credit Card without an established Credit History.

Let me share my story and How I got my scene visa credit card

I went from Bank to bank, talked to the bank consultants, they said as a student, it is really hard to get Credit Card, especially I was an International student which pulled them back again. Because they don’t know anything about me, the only thing that I had as an ID is my SIN number.

Most of the Bank consultants told me, if I can deposit a security amount, I may be able to get approval. That was not my call. Finally, I went to Scotiabank and talked to one consultant. He said, as a student, I’m not going to get any of those featured cards.

January 7, 2017 / / Credit Cards

Choosing the Best Credit Cards in Canada

It was not that difficult for me. I have already reviewed some of the best Credit Cards from different categories.

Thus, the job was already done.

All I had to do was, just pick the top one from each category and that was not really hard.

So, let’s dive into the list first.

Summary of the Best Credit Cards in Canada

  1. Student Credit Card – BMO SPC Student MasterCard.
  2. Cash Back Credit Card (Premium) – Scotia Momentum VISA Infinite Card.
  3. Cash Back Credit Card (No Annual Fee) – Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card.
  4. Travel Credit Card – American Express® Gold Rewards Credit Card.
  5. Balance Transfer Credit Card – MBNA Platinum Plus.
  6. Low-Interest Credit Card – MBNA TruLine Credit Card.
  7. Low-Interest Credit Card – Cash Advance – RBC Cash Back MasterCard®.
  8. Credit Card for Bad Credit  – Affirm MasterCard® Credit Card.
  9. Credit Card for No Credit – Capital One® Guaranteed MasterCard®

January 6, 2017 / / Credit Cards

This article talks about the Best Credit Cards for people with no Credit History. I would mainly focus on students in this article as the students are the most who are facing no credit history issues in Canada.

Are you a Student?

Being a student means a lot of fun and freedom in your life which will never come back to you once you go out of it. I know some people do but most of them fail to go back to student life once they are out.

Being a student is the best time to get your first Credit Card in your life.

I know it is really hard to get approval as you may not have a credit history because you haven’t had a credit card before. But still, you have chances left.

Most of the Credit Card companies offer Specially Designed Credit Cards for Students to help them establish their Credit and build dreams on it.

As a Student Credit Card, you don’t need to have an established Credit and it is really easy to get approved.

But, you need to be very careful with spending money on it.

Are you not a Student anymore and no Credit Cards yet?

January 6, 2017 / / Credit Cards
January 6, 2017 / / Credit Cards
January 4, 2017 / / Balance Transfer
January 4, 2017 / / Credit Cards
December 25, 2016 / / Credit Cards

As we all know, Cash Back Credit Cards works the same way like any others, only thing is, they give you back a certain amount of money that you spend on it. Sometimes it can be 1% or 2%. What to say, there some awesome cards offer 4% cash backs for a limited time. Let’s dive into it more.

December 15, 2016 / / Credit Cards

Are you a student, who’s been looking for the best Student Credit Cards in Canada? If yes, you reached the right place. This article is all about the best student Credit Cards in Canada and how to choose one for you.

December 8, 2016 / / Credit Score

Checking your Credit Score is a part of your life in Canada. Some people do that but some don’t. If you are really concerned about building your Credit Score to an excellent quality and keep your Credit Report better, you will definitely check it once in a while. Well, the question arises, how to get a free credit score? That is what this article talks about.